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A Women’s Only Studio in the heart of Mystic, CT


Womens Fitness Mystic

Welcome to Empower Fitness Studio in Mystic, CT!

Happy. Healthy. Fit.

An all-inclusive Women’s Fitness Studio in Mystic – Here at Empower Fitness we are on a MISSION for the women we train to be Happy, Healthy and Stay fit for life!

Come for the best workout you ever had. Everyone trains as an individual. We will be there for you every step of the way to get you to your fitness goal. No matter which part of the journey you are currently at.

Expert Coaches

Expert Coaches able to adjust all workouts to all ages, and fitness levels.

Safe Environment

Our Fitness programs are for all WOMEN in a SAFE, Nourishing environment, in a supportive community.

Amazing Health

Regardless of the training, group or one on one, we know how to create the best workout to create amazing health and great bodies.  

Womens Fitness Mystic
Empower Fitness

Training Tailored to Fit Your Needs

There are all kinds of women and we fully support every aspect and recognize that each one has a specific fitness, nutrition, goal in order to fully achieve their goals. All parts of Empower Fitness encompasses fitness designed for your needs; training tailored for your needs.

Womens Fitness Mystic


I highly recommend Empower Fitness. Nicole and Eric are the best! They offer a great workout in a clean environment. Excellent support and encouragement.


Great place great work outs!!!!


Nicole and Eric are superstars! They go above and beyond for each member at the gym. They work with you on anything and everything you could ask for. They want the best for you and help you to achieve your goals one day at a time. They offer so much support in and out of the gym. If I miss a few classes Nicole always checks in to make sure I'm doing okay and to offer any help and support. Worth every penny!!


Nicole and Eric are is so much more than a gym, it’s a family. Love that hey have gone so far out of their way to make sure we are all still working out during social distancing...using live online workouts where we can still laugh and workout together while at home! They have even brought weights to members who don’t have equipment at home!! Who else does that?!?


I love Empower Fitness! Nicole and Erik are there to support and encourage every step of way! The workouts are fun and challenge me (in a good way). I find myself looking forward to working out.


"When Empower Fitness first opened, I tried a few classes, but had already been established with the gym I was in and wasn’t ready for a change. Fast-forward to COVID-19, I was presented with no gym and a fresh opportunity to change programs. When thinking about where to go, I knew that this was the place for me. As a domestic violence warrior, I thought that a place that empowers women (quite literally having the word in the name) would be a positive change that would provide me with encouragement, fun, accountability, and that I’d be able to achieve my goals surrounded by other women with a non-judgmental attitude...I was right! While I am not yet where I want to be progress-wise, I am well on the way there and am equipped with the motivation and resources between Nicole and the other women I have met while attending classes!"





Interval Functional Strength and Conditioning

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