Hey team how’s it going??

There are so many people that have been pretty misleading when it comes to Carbohydrates, which has led to a very poor relationship with carbs.

Some are even SCARED to consume them for fear of what they’ll ‘DO’ to them! (Exact words!)

How many times have you heard people cutting out all bread, pasta, rice etc. in an attempt to ‘Get Ripped’ or lose weight?

Now there IS SOME method in their madness… But unfortunately for them not in the way they think.
A Low carb diet will help you lose weight, yes. But it’s only a short term strategy in the vast majority of cases.
As you reduce carbs in the diet, and therefore the bloodstream, you begin to prioritize using the reserves you have left in the liver and muscle tissue- stored as glycogen.
These molecules need water molecules to attach to them in order to be stored within the body.
SO – When we go low carb- we lose weight. Not fat. We lose our glycogen stores, as well as the water molecules needed to store them.

Scales will scream at you telling you you’ve had a GREAT result in only a week, but the reality is that there has been no change or at best VERY little effect on your adipose tissue (Fat cells).

Now, apart from misleading ‘results’, you’re also now in a pickle…

Reason being, is that your brain can NOT access the stored carbohydrates within our body, as a result, it is solely reliant on the carbs we digest and allow into the bloodstream.

No carbs in the diet = Brain turns to mush!!! (Sort of haha)

This is why sometimes we feel sluggish and lethargic we crave carbs, it’s your brain’s way of sometimes saying- I need fuel please!

Other side effects of low carb diets:
-Lowers immune system (Especially those that train regularly like you lot!!!)
-Reduced recovery between sessions- increasing likelihood of fatigue.
-Reduced workout quality, not able to get the best out of sessions.
-Low mood, groggy feeling, snappy- therefore more likely to snack/binge.
-Digestion problems
…And many more.
The only real occasion that someone simply wanting to lose weight, and/or wanting to better their body composition needs to lower carbohydrates would be when on a ‘non-training day’.

On the days you train, you increase your calorie expenditure, in theory, carbs are what you are most likely to use as a primary energy source so on these days some people work really well with peaks on these days, and a reduction on the recovery or non-training days.

This is basically a simply form of ‘Carb Cycling’ you may have heard of it before now…
Again, this takes a little more tracking, and is not suitable for everybody, but is certainly something you’re more than welcome to try!
Next time your mate says they’ve cut carbs out of their diet (Or ANY whole macronutrient from the diet for that matter!) Keep this post in your head,
…And smile inside knowing you’re in a secret space where you know better 😉