Stuck Right Now?

Don’t know what area of your nutrition to work on next?

An amazing lady reached out recently about where to start when getting your nutrition dialled in as much as possible,  and wanted to share my answer with you all, as I think many of you will benefit for sure…

If you don’t know where to start- this will help you.

If you are already on track, I can guarantee there will be at least one area that can be improved even further!

SO- Here is a 5 point checklist that you can start following today to get on the road to success right away…


1. Ensure you are in a calorie deficit every day. -500 cals =1lb loss per week. -1000 Cals per day = 2lb loss per week.

MyFitnessPal can help you with this as well as many other health apps on smartphones


Use the guided set up to enter all your personal data, age, height, weight, etc, and it will automatically generate a calorie estimation for you, whilst taking into consideration your weight loss goals.

Any questions you have on MFP- you know where I am, just a tagged post in the group away 😀

Now you’re losing weight, and doing it safely and sustainably…

2. Protein- multiply your body weight in KGS by between 1, and 1.7. If you are training like a semi-pro athlete/ regularly/ intensely week in week out, you’re likely to need to be at the upper section of the scale, so multiply your weight in kg by 1.6/1.7. IF you are not training to this intensity, but you are training regularly, and not as intense, might be worth placing yourself at around 1.3/1.4 for example. If you are taking it steady, and training 2/3 time a week, you’ll probably need to be more towards the 1/1.1/1/2 side of the spectrum.

This answer will give you a rough guide for how many grams of protein to consume per day in grams. Now in combination with your regular training, you are telling your body to preserve/improve muscle tissue, so the only place you’ll be losing weight is through ‘FAT’ loss, not ‘weight loss’.  Happy days!

3. 5 a day- minimum 5 a day from here, ideally 6/7 ish with the intensity of your training at present. Yes, there can be a spike in the sugar intakes if you rely too much on fruit for your intakes, so as a good guide, go for 1 or 2 portions of fruit on a non-training day, and 2-3 on a training day.

4. The rest of your cals can be divided between fat and carbs. No right or wrong answer here- everybody is different. Some respond better to higher carbs than fat, and visa versa! DO NOT cut out a whole food group, you may at this stage have heard of some people ‘Cutting carbs’ or ‘eliminating fat’, this is a very short term strategy, and your body will have a massive fall-out with you before long!! Haha 😉

5. Stay 90% of the time on track. 10% can be treats and other ‘less healthy’ foods, providing you’re following the above- you’re good to treat yourself once in a while you’re a bloody human being, not a robot after all!!

Now you have a nice little blueprint to follow to guide you success, with all the really important areas covered from day 1. If you need anything at all, or for me to elaborate on any of those areas, I’m only a tagged post in the group away… as you know 😛

Let me know how you get on!!