Frustrating post coming up!!!

Every week I get asked questions about foods like: ‘Shane is this food better than that?’ or ‘Which is healthier? A or B??’

The majority of the time my reply is along the lines of: It isn’t as simple as that. (SORRY!)


Don’t get me wrong, there are obvious areas like comparing a banana to a battered mars bar or something… but you know the answers there already right? (P.s its not the mars… lol)

Classifying foods simply as ‘good and bad’ is not an effective approach to take to nutrition.


There are many variables in every food you consume, so if you are stigmatizing a particular food, there needs to be much more of a detailed concrete reason other than simply ‘it’s bad for you’.

It simply doesn’t work like that…

Let me explain…

Most people would classify Bacon as the ‘Bad’ food, and Avocado as the ‘Good’ food.

Foods can be broken down into many different areas. For the purpose of this post I have kept it simple (you could literally list every micronutrient, what types of fats etc.).

NEITHER of these foods are bad for you.


If you have consumed no salt that day and a low amount of fat, bacon could be a good option. Plenty of protein, and a really great way to flavor many dishes and sauces!

Just because the bacon is higher in fat and salt does NOT make it ‘bad’, but maybe something you should eat less of or avoid if you have already consumed a lot of fat and salt that day. If you haven’t- you’re good to go.



There are many health magazines that suggest avocado is an excellent superfood, whereas others suggest that it’s too fatty and really calorific- therefore massively worth avoiding…

Which makes me laugh, I mean, how do the magazines know what you have already eaten today?

-If I had 1000 cals left today- can I have it then magazine?? Absolutely!
-If I am under my fat intakes for the day can I have it stupid magazine??? Knock yourself out!!
-If I needed 1 more of my 5 a day would half an avocado help?? 100% DO IT!


If I had 100 cals left that day, it’s probably worth avoiding.

…But simply because it will take you over cals for the day.

It’s important to take a look at the Calories, the Protein Fat and Carbs, and also ensure you’re getting your 5 a day every day.

…If that is using semi-skimmed milk on your cereal instead of almond milk, no problem if it fits with the above areas!

…If it’s Hovis brown instead of Kingsmill brown bread for your beans on toast, relatively speaking there probably won’t be much in it, so both are good to go!!

…If it’s using normal cheddar on your lasagne instead of low fat, again as long as you haven’t over consumed fat/saturated fat that day- DO IT!

Now you can have whatever you want within your guidelines, and NOT feel ‘guilty’ or ‘wrong’ despite what crazy attention-grabbing health magazine or news story says!

Hope that helps you all today and every day going forward!!