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Nicole R Hopkins CPT, PN is a certified personal trainer and has over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry.

Nicole has spent years in the corporate wellness arena using her Empowering a Stronger Team conducting speaking, corporate trainings, “boot camp” sessions as well as custom fitness programs. She works with companies to design affordable wellness solutions through her company, Empower Fitness.

She has owned several and continues to own personal training facilities specializing in personal training, nutrition, fitness/physique transformations, fitness for older/active seniors as well as youth sports preparation.

Growing up she was a highly active equestrian and involved in the YMCA. In her early 20’s, she was in a car accident, which led to her true passion in fitness and helping others, while she strengthened herself in the process.

I am confident that I can work with you–no matter who you are–in order to get back that body you’ve always dreamed about! It won’t always be easy, but together we can make you a champion.What’s so special about me??

What most “lose-weight-quick” schemes have in common is that they exclude all the important details. Have you ever looked at the fine print on any of these websites or products? No? Then go check them out. I’m 99% sure they say something like, “results may vary. Works when combined with a healthy diet and exercise regime.” Wait, what? That’s not exactly what they advertised is it?

Eric W Kearns CPT, CES is a certified personal trainer and has over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry.

Eric has been working with athletes his entire life starting off young, playing as well as coaching sports as far back as he can remember.

He has co owned 2 high intensity interval training fitness facilities and continues to run a functional fitness studio now. He specializes in corrective exercise in which he helps clients/athletes overcome and strengthen previous injuries and or issues due to repetitive motion and work related postural imbalances.

Eric takes great pride and fulfillment from helping others reach their health and fitness goals. 

We are  Going to Get Real with You!

You can be sure that what I’m advertising is true because I’m going to keep it real with you: We are  not offering the gimmicks, the scams, or the shams.

I’m offering you the opportunity to do hard work and learn how to change your body the RIGHT WAY.


We offer you the service that others put in their fine print.


The truth is: the hardest part of any workout regime is getting started–especially if you have no idea how to.


Even if you manage to go online and find all kinds of recommended exercises that you’re “supposed” to do, doing them without the help of a professional can be ineffective and even damaging, as you may do the exercises without proper form. And, when you don’t see the results you want, you’re likely to give up.

That’s where we come in. We know what it takes to get your body into shape. Even more importantly, we know how to motivate you so that you can take each and every step along your weight-loss journey.

Get in touch with us! We are here to transform your body!I push myself everyday and I hope to push any of my clients. Our passion is to make people’s lives better.


Are you ready to start a better lifestyle?

Let’s do this together and share the journey every step of the way!


I highly recommend Empower Fitness. Nicole and Eric are the best! They offer a great workout in a clean environment. Excellent support and encouragement.


Great place great work outs!!!!


Nicole and Eric are superstars! They go above and beyond for each member at the gym. They work with you on anything and everything you could ask for. They want the best for you and help you to achieve your goals one day at a time. They offer so much support in and out of the gym. If I miss a few classes Nicole always checks in to make sure I'm doing okay and to offer any help and support. Worth every penny!!


Nicole and Eric are amazing...it is so much more than a gym, it’s a family. Love that hey have gone so far out of their way to make sure we are all still working out during social distancing...using live online workouts where we can still laugh and workout together while at home! They have even brought weights to members who don’t have equipment at home!! Who else does that?!?


I love Empower Fitness! Nicole and Erik are there to support and encourage every step of way! The workouts are fun and challenge me (in a good way). I find myself looking forward to working out.


"When Empower Fitness first opened, I tried a few classes, but had already been established with the gym I was in and wasn’t ready for a change. Fast-forward to COVID-19, I was presented with no gym and a fresh opportunity to change programs. When thinking about where to go, I knew that this was the place for me. As a domestic violence warrior, I thought that a place that empowers women (quite literally having the word in the name) would be a positive change that would provide me with encouragement, fun, accountability, and that I’d be able to achieve my goals surrounded by other women with a non-judgmental attitude...I was right! While I am not yet where I want to be progress-wise, I am well on the way there and am equipped with the motivation and resources between Nicole and the other women I have met while attending classes!"





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